Create and share beautiful reports from your YouTube channel's analytics

1. Share the analytics that closes deals.
2. Create Personalized Content for each Client.
3. Check who look your data and send invoice.
4. Drives conversions through the funnel.
5. Sharing sales content has never been easy.

Create my report

Name a report, select analytics time range, and limit report lifetime

Log in to your account, fill out the name of the report and to whom and for what purpose it is sent. Choose a time range for the report and its lifetime; for example, you give 30 days to explore before the report link expires

Select channels for your report

Choose channels to include in your report

Select videos to collect data

Sort and select videos to include in your report

Generate a report with a short link

Link is generated using GA data, which allows you to track views and location of users

Know who, when, and where viewed your report

As a result, you see that during the week this report was looked at in San Francisco, Houston, and New York, and in every city there were two or three views. Thus, you understand that the client is interested, and your candidacy has gone to different offices for approval.

Yes, it's that simple!

Create my report